Psst — Parenting Your Baby is Supposed To Be Fun!

One thing we ALL have in common is that we’ve all been a first-time parent. Here’s a secret: NONE of us knew what we were doing either! I was a long-time camp counselor; I worked in infant day care rooms; I started baby-sitting at age 13; and I was “auntie” to many kiddos before I had my own kid. And I struggled. There is nothing in the world that can prepare you for your own journey as a new mom, and it’s especially trying if you’re doing it on your own.

This article resonated with me in retrospect because I made some of these “mistakes.” The interesting part of it (to me, anyway) is that none of them negatively impacted my kiddo in any way; they negatively impacted ME. So ask for help; take some time to care for yourself; and don’t compare your situation to others’ because every single situation and relationship between parents and their babies is unique.

7 Ways To Enjoy Your Baby’s First Year

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