Psst — Parenting Your Baby is Supposed To Be Fun!

One thing we ALL have in common is that we’ve all been a first-time parent. Here’s a secret: NONE of us knew what we were doing either! I was a long-time camp counselor; I worked in infant day care rooms; I started baby-sitting at age 13; and I was “auntie” to many kiddos before I had my own kid. And I struggled. There is nothing in the world that can prepare you for your own journey as a new mom, and it’s especially trying if you’re doing it on your own.

This article resonated with me in retrospect because I made some of these “mistakes.” The interesting part of it (to me, anyway) is that none of them negatively impacted my kiddo in any way; they negatively impacted ME. So ask for help; take some time to care for yourself; and don’t compare your situation to others’ because every single situation and relationship between parents and their babies is unique.

7 Ways To Enjoy Your Baby’s First Year


Things You Can Inadvertently Do To Ruin A Toddler’s Life

I never knew you could ruin your adorable little one’s day by giving her the wrong kind of apple, but I have done that (and more!). We’ve ALL been there. This is a fun posting of all the HORRIBLE AWFUL NO GOOD TERRIBLE things we do to our littles (so you know you’re not alone!)!

I’m An A-Hole Parent

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Summer, Summer, Summer Time!

Summertime, aka “Moooooom! We’re boooooored!” beginning on Day 2. What to do?

Of course there are options for day camps and sleepover camps, but sometimes the expense is not practical for your budget. So what can do you do to keep the bored bugs away while not busting the piggy banks? Here are some ideas:

200 Free Summer Activities to Do With Kids

35 Things to Do on a No-Spend Weekend

87 Energy-Busting Indoor Activities

25 Things To Do On a Rainy Day

Happy Summer!


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Introducing… All the Single Mamas

As a single mother, I have been surprised to find few single parent Facebook pages that are designed specifically for advice, information, venting, and humor! If you are like me (feeling isolated and sometimes alone in the struggle), you need all of those things from time to time. That’s why I created this page and this blog.

This is not a commercial page; I do not sell anything nor will I ever ask for money to “run” it. The page name is not meant to be exclusive, just catchy (a la Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies” song — a favorite in my household of all girls!). Single fathers are more than welcome to participate as are former single parents, single parents to be, and even non-single parents that wish to positively contribute. And that’s the only “rule” — PLEASE BE POSITIVE. You are welcome to submit articles; thoughts; questions; vents; and memes, as long as there are no derogatory remarks involved, even those directed at yourself because this page is meant to lift up, help out, and (hopefully) make you feel BETTER about your life as a single parent. Happy mama/papa = happy kiddo(s), after all. Thank you for being here, and I hope this gives you a good outlet when you need one.